This site is a small blog/journal detailing my experience with coding in various technologies like Python (more precisely Django), SwiftUI, NodeJS, Nextjs, Svelte, Golang and PHP 8. It mostly serves as a way to highlight my journey in understanding how to code something useful using these new technologies.

I am not a professional developer (my background is in law) so don't expect too much 😁. This said I have been around web development for a long time: as an entrepreneur I feel that it is crucial to understand new technologies.

This blog has been initially coded in nodejs using polka -- an interesting alternative to the ubiquitous express but has now been ported to Django because I like 🐍 Python syntax a bit more and the "all batteries" included of an opinionated framework works well for me.

Feel free to visit the Apps section to try some of my apps!

What about the photos? The photos used randomly in this blog are Historical Photos «Vues de la suisse» by Adolphe Braun & Cie. provided by the Swiss National Museum: In the middle of the 19th century Jean Adolphe Braun inspired the imagination of the European bourgeoisie with his photos. From the 1850s onwards, more and more people had the financial means to travel. However, very few people had their own photographic equipment, so they bought photographs on site. Soon a flourishing business with pictures and photo albums emerged. The company Braun & Cie was led by Jean Adolphe Braun and his son Gaston in Mulhouse, Alsace, and specialized in landscapes and cities. Their pictures of Switzerland spread throughout Europe and shaped the country's tourist image. As a "by-product", they also documented the emergence of infrastructure in the Alps.

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