New Design July 2022πŸ’₯


Just a short update to record that today the site has a new, fresher designπŸ’₯. The previous "comics" version was pretty difficult to read so I went for the same look but a better typeface.

The code typeface has also been updated. The previous font required the installation of a counter/tracker and that is a no-no.

I had a lot of fun working both on the new design and..you would never guess: another backend. Back to Django but this time Django 4 πŸ˜„

I feel that I keep trying different languages, self-made CRM, static sites etc. but in the end I am back to the trusted Django. Search is also back and so is articles recommendation at the end of each article.

Feel free to leave a clap if you like itπŸ‘!

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