Nostalgic App Design


Finding the right design for an app can be tricky. With so many CSS frameworks I se the usual suspects (bootstrap, material design etc.) pretty much everywhere. I can't blame developers for using them. It is very easy to be up and running in no time but..somehow I think that a design has to be a bit more unique. 

A relatively less mainstream framework is primer that powers the look of GitHub. It offers a lot of components and is highly recommended. 

For electron apps I started with Photon which is really nice (if you like an OS X look or if your app is mostly for OS X) but something went missing. 

So I found something perfect for my small app to give it a nostalgic look. This fits perfectly with the theme of the app (who uses MP3 players in 2019!? or better said a non-standard one). To achieve this I found the awesome NES.css and is just very cool. 

After a learning how to use these retro-elements and creating a new UI I released a new version (1.0.2) and changed the app website too to reflect the nostalgic look of old arcade games. 

I included both then css and the google font used in the framework. I always prefer to load from the local copy so that if something changes (or disappears) I will be on the safe side. 

If you fancy a nostalgic look for your next project give NES.css a try. 

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