Parfum.Compare: Comparing Parfums


With Corona numbers going up (again!) all over the world, keeping a safety distance has become pretty much a new social imperative. Under this new normal wearing a Parfum seems less intuitive and certainly not a priority.

This said I found that keeping a certain daily routine – including dressing up and grooming – can help in boosting your mood or regain some normality.

There are some excellent websites to analyse perfumes (e.g. Fragrantica, base notes) but I didn’t find any of them offering a comparison tool. What if I want to compare parfum 1 to parfum 2 ?

Now, thanks to my new web app Parfum.compare you can!

it is a very simple tool : you select the parfum from the database (just start typing and it will auto complete), select the second one and click compare. You will then see the breakdown of the "notes" (the ingredients that make up the fragrance) and get an idea on how they compare.

Obviously you can't πŸ‘ƒπŸ»smell the ingredients πŸ˜… but if you plan to buy a new parfum online you can easily compare the different notes 🌿.

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