Generating random passwords is now pretty much required in many circumstances. For developers this is fairly trivial but not everyone knows how to run code to generate a password or how to create a strong password.</div><div>

While this is nothing particularly new I wanted to create a simple, no cookies, no tracking, no ads password generator in nodejs. 

<div class="">With there help of few tools including lowdash I am happy to announce password.select (yes the domain is very cool too. You're welcome 😎) where you can easily generate a random password. Nothing is saved server side and it works fine on both mobile and desktop.</div>

Intentionally there are very few options. In just one click you can generate a password in one of the recommended lengths of 12 to 20 characters.

Don't forget to save your password offline or somewhere. There is no way to retrieve the same password againπŸ§Ÿβ€β™‚οΈ because nothing is saved server side so every password displayed is "for your eyes" only. 

Your are also recommended to change your password regularly and never to use the same password twice. 

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