Spotify vs Apple Music vs Youtube Music


I have been a subscriber to music streaming services for years so I thought it my by useful to share my experience with all of them. Princing is not mentioned as it varies dramatically from one country to another.

Spotify πŸ₯ˆ

I have been a subscriber for over 10 years and I can certainly say that it has a lot of advantages:



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Apple Music

I have been an Apple Music user for probably the very beginning, 18+ years ago. This was before there was a subscription system in place and this is how things get a bit complicated. If you bought songs before the streaming system you still find them in you library and, overall, makes the experience pretty confusing.

Pros: - Audio Quality: with a lot of songs in lossless quality look no further for the best in terms of audio quality. - Integration: If you are an Apple user Apple Music is very well integrated with all devices (Apple TV, Apple Watch, iPhone, Mac etc.) which could be a big plus


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Youtube Music πŸ“ΊπŸ₯‡

For years I resisted the idea to buy a Youtube premium subscription. I didn't watch youtube that much but, lately, I enjoy watching some videos and on Apple TV the advertising is just too much. I subscribed and I think it was worth every penny! As a free add-on to Youtube premium you also get..Youtube Music. Well, this is just fantastic because it has something no other service has: music videos!!

If like me you are part of the MTV generation you know what it means. The magic to see and listen to music videos is just unbeatable.



Reverts back to audio only if there is no Music video If you select music video and the next song in your playlist has none, you need to re-enable again else it will stick to audio only. e.g. in your Playlist Song 1 has a music video (all good, video plays) Song 2 has no video (audio only plays), Song 3 has a music video BUT it won't switch back to video without your intervention. This is a pretty annoying bug (a bit of a workaround, I am adding to certain playlists only songs that have a music video).

For me the discovery and mix features are superior than Spotify and I just can't get enough of discovering music videos that are missing in both Spotify and Apple Music,


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