Ugly but Pretty!


It is very easy to like pretty things. Everyone likes them. In the case of website pretty means also modern.

There are hundreds of pretty, modern and professional templates or CSS classes to craft a website.

I took a different approach and today I “downgraded” to another retro designed based on Windows 95.

Is it a bit ugly in 2020 ? May be, but it was very pretty - may be even groundbreaking - in 1995. I am not particularly nostalgic but I do remember these times and the user interface was pretty nice. Or let’s say very functional.

This point is somehow intriguing: everyone was content with these old designs because there wasn’t anything more captivating and web technologies were very primitive compared to now.

Loading a web site was time was measured in seconds and not milliseconds. Streaming videos or having video calls was science fiction. Aesthetics seems to be very much related not just to individual preferences but the time too.

What was very pretty 25 years ago is quirky and weird now.

I wonder what we will see in 20 years from now in terms of design and UI. This is the interesting development in design: when you think that you reached the top, you have in fact just reached another milestone toward a much more distant goal.

I found this design to be very pretty and unique. It is so unusual that makes it cool. Even cooler than when it was released!

This is my personal blog/journal so I don’t aim to capture any market share or sell any product or service. It is for me to enjoy and so far I like it a lot so here it is including the ☁️ used to launch windows 95. (these type of backgrounds were very cool even the early 2000!)

Credits for the bootstrap theme: https://github.com/AlexBSoft/win95.css

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